Hey peeps! I’m Lucy. I’ve been a baker and pastry chef for almost a decade working in some of Canada’s top restaurants and cafes. I started baking because I like eating. I wanted to show my friends and family I love them by creating something sweet for them. No one hates cake on their birthday, and I wanted to be able to give people that moment of *blowing* out the candles (which you can’t do now, unless you’re sticking to your bubble) and tasting that nostalgic overly sweet buttercream which would take you back in time to when you were 6 again. I like the sense of community and love you feel when you share a meal with people. I want to give back with giving sugar. So that’s why when all the hospitality business’ shut down in March, I created Breadhead. What started out as an instagram post, turned into cake and sourdough flying out of my partners car day after day, week after week. I’ve always loved the idea of making new things, perfecting those things, and in turn, having YOU taste those things. The pandemic has really given me the opportunity and time to focus on sourdough specifically, and see what else it can do across pastry. The research behind sourcing local organic flour, fruits, products, and supporting the neighbourhood I live in, has been the highlight of this journey so far. The main goal is to create a community of Breadheads, while sourcing the best local ingredients, and working together to create a sustainable and fair community of small business’.