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**Please read all instructions below before ordering.


Ordering goes live on Sunday at 4pm, and closes Wednesday's at noon. Orders will be available Friday & Saturday for pick up and delivery, the weekend following.

Pick ups are at 346 Westmoreland Avenue North, unit 105C (The Artisan Factory) from 11am-2pm.

**Please specify the date in which you'd like your order. There is a box at the bottom of the cart page, that when you click it, it will prompt you to choose a pick up or delivery date. If you can't figure that out, please send me an email right away with the date you’d like.**

We are now delivering across Toronto! There is a 40-50$ minimum charge before tax for delivery. We have two zones for delivery, and prices vary on location of delivery. If you enter your address and it tells you it cant ship, it just means youre out of our zone. Pick up is always an option!

Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

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Pick ups are from 11am-2pm on Friday and Saturday and delivery starts around 9:30am and goes until 1pm roughly. Please make sure someone is able to accept the order, or someone is home to receive the order. Driver Tip is included in the delivery price.

Wholesale Partners

We have some pals in the west end that carry Breadhead products 7 days a week!

Larrys Folly @larrysfolly (1462 Queen St West) carries bagel bombs during the week and rotating donut flavours, cinnamon buns, and various features on weekends. Check their instagram for updates!

HAPPY Coffee & Wine @happycoffeeandwine (1304 King St West) carries an assortment of bagel bombs, cookies, gluten free treats and rotating donut flavours / cinnamon buns on weekends. Check their instagram for updates!

White Squirrel Coffee Shop (907 Queen St West) carries bagel bombs, coffee cake, croque monsieur, cookies, and cheddar scones 7 days a week, with the addition of various cruller flavours and rotating donut flavours on weekends.

Extra Burger @extraburgerto (319a Oakwood Ave) carries slices of our famous carrot cake! Grab a burger, some onion rings (theyre insane) and a slice to go!

Goldie's Convenience @goldiesconvenience (Kitchener, Ontario) carries a wide, ever changing variety of snacks and sweets. We love natural wine, so what better than to pair a slice of basque cheesecake with it?


Cancellation Policy / No Showing

If your plans change or for any reason you need to cancel your order, you have 48 hours to do so after placing your order. We do not like food waste and that is why everything is planned and ordered accordingly. If you get sick, or are un able to pick up your order, we just ask that you email within 48 hours of your pick up date, and we will issue a 50% refund.

We donate every order that is not picked up on specified pick up dates. Please make sure you communicate with a BH team member before 2pm if you are unable to pick up. We make everything to order, there are rarely any extras on order days. We understand that life happens and sometimes you can't make it, thats totally fine. We can hold your order overnight, but we don't remake it. Any contact after 2pm on order dates about not showing up will result in a forfeit of your order and payment.