Open for pick up / delivery dec 3rd - 5th only!

Webshop Update

We are now taking catering orders for December (aka holiday season). Email for general catering inquiries or for specific custom projects and events!

Caramel Apple & Almond Galette
Caramel Apple & Almond Galette

Caramel Apple & Almond Galette

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Ordering goes live on Saturday at 4pm, and closes Wednesday's at noon. Orders will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday for pick up and delivery, the weekend following.

Pick ups are at 907 Queen St West (White Squirrel Coffee Shop) from 11am-2pm.

Please specify the date in which you'd like your order. There is a box at the bottom of the cart page, that when you click it, it will prompt you to choose a pick up or delivery date. If you can't figure that out, please send me an email right away with the date you’d like.

We are now delivering across Toronto! There is a 30$ minimum charge before tax for delivery, and our radius is 8km from white squirrel.


pick ups are from 1130am-2pm on Friday and / or Saturday at 907 Queen St West (white squirrel cafe). No need to wait in line, unless you want a coffee! Please note that Breadhead is a separate business to White Squirrel, and the cafe staff are not Breadhead staff! They are briefed, but if there are any questions, just call the number on the door.

Wholesale Partners

We have some pals in the west end that carry Breadhead products 7 days a week!

Larrys Folly @larrysfolly (1462 Queen St West) carries bagel bombs during the week and rotating donut flavours, cinnamon buns, and various features on weekends. Check their instagram for updates!

HAPPY Coffee & Wine @happycoffeeandwine (1304 King St West) carries an assortment of bagel bombs, cookies, gluten free treats and rotating donut flavours / cinnamon buns on weekends. Check their instagram for updates!

White Squirrel Coffee Shop (907 Queen St West) carries bagel bombs, coffee cake, croque monsieur, cookies, and cheddar scones 7 days a week, with the addition of various cruller flavours and rotating donut flavours on weekends.