White Squirrel Coffee
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White Squirrel Coffee

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Alright, we got beans by the pound!

A couple lil specs for these two blends for all u coffee nerds (i know it wont be enough info for you guys but this is all Rich has)

-custom blend, fair trade, organic

-from ethiopia, brazil and honduras they provide a lightly fruity, sweet profile with a bold aftertaste

-medium or medium-dark roast available

"The "medium" is what we use for espresso, and I use at home for my bialetti (stovetop), as well as for aeropress (generally good for finer ground applications); the "medium-dark" is what we use for drip, and recommend for french press; it's also what we use to make our cold brew (so, generally, anything drip ground or coarser)."

-Rich, the guy who owns White Squirrel

The beans come whole! If you'd like your beans ground, just write in notes in your cart or shoot me an email, but also let me know what you want them ground for! Can grind for pretty much anything. If you don't follow up before picking up your order we wont be able to grind on the fly, just FYI***